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Rejoice is a gospel band that started in 2013! Since then they have performed and ministered at many events, gatherings and churches. What makes Rejoice stand out is that they do different sub-genres within gospel. From christian contemporary music, black gospel, latin gospel and gospel in Papiamentu. Rejoice is also unique in the fact that its members are made up of childhood friends and family. We look forward to sharing the message of hope, love and faith with you through our music.



Workshops for groups of adults or children

Are you looking to improve your skills as a church praise team, or vocal group? Cici has a lot of experience leading groups for adults and also children. Maybe you want your church band to brush up on their vocal skills or learn to improvise. Maybe you want a creative and fun workshop you're your day care. Maybe you are looking for a workshop as a team-building exercise. Whatever it is, we can come up with a fun, challenging and educational workshop together that will accomplish your goals.



De Zangschool

Music education has long been a passion and priority for Cici. What makes Cici unique as a vocal coach is her ability to switch from one genre to another, and her ability to teach in Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentu, this makes it easy for local and international students to feel comfortable. Cici is not only responsible for vocal coaching at the music school in Dordrecht, but she contributes towards 'De Zangschool Doet', which exposes students to a variety of different cultures, religions and genres.

Cici Isenia is contracted as a freelancer for most of these projects. Booking and reservations can therefor only go through the Project managers themselves. If you are interested in one of these projects, feel free to get in touch.


Vocal student


Group and/or individual coaching

Cici offers individual vocal coaching for children, teens and adults. This could be done privately or for an organisation. Cici also offers group workshops for groups who want to learn the basics of singing or who want to learn to harmonise. For special group packages, please contact us.

Singing Workshops


Music Education in a school enviornment

The classroom is a learning enviornment, a place where students grow, learn and also interact with one another. Cici believes it is important to create content that not only encourages students to explore their creativity, but content that also challenges them at the same time. Music in the classroom is for discovering new talents and learning in unexpected ways.

Performing at a fashion show


Music Entertainment

The possibilities are endless! Cici has experience doing theater shows, weddings, business events, restaurant entertainment, Whether you want a full band, and acoustic band, backing tracks or just a guitar, it can definitely be arranged. Cici grew up singing English, Spanish, Dutch, Papiamentu and even Portuguese and feels comfortable doing most genre's, from Gospel, to pop. Just contact us about your event and wishes and we will put on a show that is tailor made for you!

Projects: Services
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