Pieter Pot; package-free groceries made easy

Pieter pot is an online grocery store that provides package-free groceries, delivered straight to your front door. Pieter Pot receives products from their suppliers in bulk bags, making small packaging like we buy in grocery stores completely obsolete. They are working towards getting their dispensers directly filled at the suppliers, cutting out all packaging. After you have placed your order, they will go on to fill up all the jars, put them into their special jute delivery bags and hand them over to PostNL for delivery. PostNL has a special food delivery service, which delivers food all across the Netherlands. Once you receive your order and have eaten up all the yummy stuff in your jars, feel free to place another order. Once PostNL delivers your new order, you can hand off the dirty empty jars over to the delivery man. These jars, once back at the headquarters, will get washed in Pieter Pot’s industrial dishwasher, which uses up less water than if you would have to wash it yourself at home, making it even more sustainable.

Food delivery and sustainability PostNL is one of the most sustainable carriers in the world. One of the ways they make deliveries more efficient and sustainable is by bundling as many packages together as possible to be delivered in one route. The last part of the delivery is done with an electric bike or by foot. The rest of the mileage is done using electric cars. Read more about PostNL sustainability efforts on their website.

About my order

It’s important to note that Pieter Pot only carries pantry essentials, these include products like rice, pasta, oil, spices etc. So, you will not be able to order any fresh produce at Pieter Pot. There are organic options and non-organic options, most farmed and made here in the Netherlands. There isn’t a very wide variety of products yet, but you can surely find all of the basics you might need. I placed a small order of some pantry essentials I was missing to test the service out, and I have to say I was quite impressed. The initial investment, however, is quite steep. I spent 50 euros for not a lot of groceries, this due to the fact that there is a deposit for each jar. Please keep this in mind while placing your first order. As you continue to order with Pieter Pot you will get this deposit back.

These pantry essentials all come in a variety of sizes. For some of the products I would prefer if they had come in larger jars. For instance, we eat quite a lot of rice and pasta, so our rice was used up within just one week. Luckily, Pieter Pot is continuously working on improving their service. They frequently send emails in order to communicate with and receive feedback from their customers. Last but not least, I would advise you not to wait till the very last minute to place your order. Because they have a smaller scale operation than larger grocery stores like Albert Heijn or warehouses like picnic, it’s unlikely you will receive your groceries the next day.

How do I sign up? At the moment you can sign up for their service on their website. Be aware that there is a waiting list, so you might have to wait a while before you are able to place an order.

All in all, I’m in love! I get all the basics I need delivered to my house WASTE-FREE! There aren’t many bulk options in Rotterdam, so Pieter Pot is definitely helping me reduce the amount of waste our household produces and is making package-free groceries available to all. If you have any more questions about my experience with Pieter Pot, feel free to connect with me on social media. I will gladly answer all your questions. Happy conscious shopping!