What's in my handbag: travel essentials

It’s been a while, but your girl is back with another blog. A few weeks ago, Sharif and I decided to plan a last minute trip back home. When I went to book the tickets and saw the ticket prices, I was flabbergasted by the absurdity of the prices. In order to still make the trip possible we decided to book a trip through the US and Panama. I know, time is money and everything, but I’d still rather pay 500 euros instead of paying a 1000 euros per ticket.

However, there is a catch. We took a flight from Amsterdam to New York, New York to Panama and then flew from Panama to Curacao the next morning. Sounds crazy right? But let me tell you something, being well prepared before your flight makes the trip less exhausting and things go much smoother (in my experience at least). Today, I want to share my travel handbag essentials with you. So, here it goes!

Neck pillow

I’m one of those people that can sleep anywhere and everywhere. Having a neck pillow is essential because it allows you to sleep comfortably (if that’s even possible) on the plane.

Eye patch

There’s nothing more annoying than wanting to sleep, but having someone read next to you with bright lights on, or trying to sleep while your neighbor has the window open. Put on that eye patch and get a good night’s sleep.

Healthy Snacks

I can be a picky eater sometimes, I'm not necessarily a fan of airplane food and buying food at the airport can be quite expensive. Having a long flight like mine, having heathy snacks on deck to keep you fed and energized is extremely important. What I started doing is making lunch/snack packets with fruits, granola bars and a cookie.

Water bottle

No one has time for dehydration and you can’t only drink soda or juice. Carrying an empty bottle will allow you to fill up any time you get thirsty, not to mention it’s good for your health and will save you a lot of money.


I know that I can get quite stressed from traveling sometimes. The stress and, often times, lack of sleep from having to fly early will cause headaches for me. Having painkillers in my bag at all times will keep me going when I feel a headache or migraine coming on. My weapon of choice would have to be Advil ibuprofen (liquid capsules), because they work the fastest, often within 20 minutes.


This has been so far the best purchase I have made this year. I’m so in love with my Fresh n' Rebel Bluetooth ANC (active noise cancelation) headphone. It really makes a difference on the plane, cancelling out annoying sounds allowing me to enjoy my movies and/or music peacefully.

Some other handy little things I like to thrown in my bag are:

Mints/bubble gum


Tissues/wet wipes

A book (the book I read on my recent trip is Spiritual Entrepreneurship by Lysandro Inacia)

These are just some of the things I always take with me on any (long) flight. Who knows, they might also be helpful to you. Once again, thank you for reading and till the next!