Hunkemöller Factory Sale 2019 - Rotterdam

Hunkemöller organizes factory sales a few times per year in various cities across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, where you can buy swimwear,, activewear and underwear for bottom prices. So if you are looking for not just a good deal, but a great deal then this is the place to be. The Hunkemöller factory sale in Rotterdam is held every year in January. Those of you living in Rotterdam or neighbouring cities, you better hurry, because there are only two days left. The sale in Rotterdam Ahoy started on the 23rd of January and will end on the 26th of January 2019. They charge an entrance fee of 4 euros, but when you see how much money you will save, those 4 euros are just a small dent in your pocket. How so? Because everything is 2,50! IF you’re planning to go, check the opening hours and the address below. Adress: Ahoyweg 10 3084BA, Rotterdam Opening hours: 23-01-2019 10:00 - 20:00 24-01-2019 10:00 - 20:00 25-01-2019 10:00 - 20:00 26-01-2019 10:00 - 18:00 But before you go, let me mentally prepare you and share a few tips with you on how to get a good deal, while still maintaining your sanity. First of all, the place is absolute chaos. The workers really did their best to organise everything according to size and style of article, but with so many people scouring the racks, this quickly got thrown out the window. There is underwear, swimwear and activewear literally everywhere; mixed on racks, in bins, on the floor, everywhere. Getting something you like in your size is going to take a lot of TIME and PATIENCE. Me and my friend Tanuska spent three hours walking around, so don’t go if you are in a time crunch. While you’re at it, bring yourself some snacks and a bottle of water. Secondly, In order to get the best options you can, I recommend you grab all the good options you see in your size and put it in your bag. When you are finally done picking and choosing, sit in a corner (if you can find one) and go through all of your options, until you are left with just your favorites. Now you are ready to stand in line to pay. The line moved surprisingly quickly and within 10 minutes we paid and were ready to leave. I ended up paying €47,50 for €434,81 worth of swimwear(4 sets of bikinis and 1 bathing suit) and underwear(5 bras and 5 matching panties). I am obviously ecstatic! Let me show you some of the goodies stuff I got!  

Thank you so much for reading and if you go to the factory sale don’t forget to share some of your purchases with me!