South Africa Outfits

Honestly guys, I feel a little homesick. I keep going through all of the pictures and all of my videos, hoping to go back to South Africa soon. While going through some of my pictures and videos I stumbled upon a few pictures of my African attire and outfits I wore while there. This inspired me to do a lookbook for you all.

African Attire

We had a few conferences and events to attend where African attire was required. For this event Sharif and I had custom outfits made from African fabrics by my father who is a fashion designer (believe me, it really comes in handy).

Day Dresses

We were in South Africa during the spring time, but during our time there temperatures ranged between 21 and 32 degrees. So, there some really hot days and nothing feels better than a flowy dress on a hot day. Black dress:

Pink flowery dress: H&M

Shorts Short also work really well during hot days, and are often a better option for days that involve physical activity. For our Safari trip and the Cheetah Experience, I decided to go for shorts.

cream shorts: H&M

olive buttoned satin shirt: H&M

shoes: Lacoste

white playsuit: Zara

Flowery Conference outfits During our stay in South Africa, I also ministered during a few conferences. When the weather is sort of tropical, I really enjoy wearing colourful flowery prints.

Skirt: Junius Design (custom)

Top: Bershka Shoes: Bershka

Dress: H&M

Heels: Zappos

White top: H&M

Skirt: Junius Design (custom) Heels: Zappos

These were some of the outfits I wore during our activities in Paarl and Cape Town, South Africa. Hope they inspire your own vacation outfits. Do you have a favourite outfit out of the bunch? Then let me know in the comments bellow. photography: Sharif Jacobino