The Best low-budget Makeup Products

When it comes to makeup I am an absolute and complete snob. I live for a high end foundation, mostly because I can't find anything in the lower budget spectrum that is the right shade. It’s nice to splurge every once in a while and the makeup will last you a long time, but make-up can still be quite expensive and everyone doesn't have 40 euros to spend on foundation or an eyeshadow palette. There are plenty of brands out there that offer good quality makeup for affordable prices. This means that you don’t necessarily have to splurge unless you really want to. For this exact reason I’ve compiled a list of my top favorite inexpensive makeup items (click on the product names for links to the products).


Everyone has their preference. I, for example, love a thick and creamy concealer for those days when I didn’t get enough sleep. My go-to concealer is the ‘Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define’ concealer. It gives just enough coverage, glides on with ease and it wont move you foundation around either.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define


This is where I struggle the most. I have dry skin in the winter months and very oily skin during the summer months. A recipe for foundation disaster. On top of that, I live in the Netherlands where it’s quite difficult to find low budget foundations that are darker than medium tan. Because these foundations oftentimes have a huge gap between colors, I end up with something that is either too dark or too light (I hate mixing colors) for my complexion. As a performer, I prefer a full coverage foundation or medium-to-full coverage foundation. However, on a day-to-day, I tend to not do a full face off makeup. The LA Girl Pro Matte foundation is the perfect low budget foundation for those hot summer months, whereas the Make Revolution fast base foundation stick’s are great for the colder or months as well as those not so warm summer months. They are also ideal for contouring and extremely easy to apply.

Setting powder

It's a sin to wear foundation and not set it with a setting powder, especially, if you are an oily skin kind of girl. I have tried so many low budget setting powders, but my problem with most of them is that they give you flashback when you take photos with flash. That’s why I have stuck to my holy grail of setting powders, Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup powder’. It’s my all time favourite, and I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Contour palette and blush

If you are looking to buy a contouring palette, then I have the perfect one for you. Sleek face form contour palette includes a contouring color, highlighter and a blush. This palette is the perfect palette for when you are traveling, because it has all the things you need to complete your look. The palette comes in light, fair, medium and dark. If you want to have more blush options, then try theMilani baked blush. These blushes already have a glow to them, so it already looks as though you are wearing a highlighter. If contouring is not your thing and you are more of a bronzer type of gal, don’t waste all your money on expensive bronzers. Instead you can just buy a face powder that is darker than your complexion color. I use the ‘Etos make-up powders’.


Eyeshadows are a bit more difficult for me to pick, because there are quite a few I really like and that I frequently go for. A recent favorite mine is the ‘Makeup revolution one million palette’. This palette really surprised me, because I didn’t actually purchase it, I received it as a gift along with my order. Ever since I got it, I’ve been incorporating it in my looks. Another recent favorite will have to be the Perception palette Shayla X Colourpop. Shayla is a Youtuber that I’ve been following for quite a while on instagram, so when she collaborated with Colourpop, I just knew I had to have that palette. The palette has the perfect colours for subtle eye looks as well as for dramatic eye looks. There is also a great balance between shimmers, mattes, transition shades and bold colors. Can you tell I really love this palette? I mean,16 beautiful shades for just 23 dollars, what’s not to love?

Perception palette Shayla X Colourpop

Makeup revolution one million palette


Lipsticks are generally very easy to find when it comes to low budget lipsticks. I have quite a collection of low budget and high end lipsticks, but somehow I always go for my ‘Milani Matte Statement’ and my ‘Maybelline Color Sensational’ lipsticks. I love me a matte lipstick, but I hate how dry some of them make my lips feel. These two lipsticks both make my lips feel incredibly moisturized and the finish is beautiful.

Primer and Setting Spray

We all want our makeup to last us the whole night, after all, we put so much time and effort into it. This is where your primer and setting spray come in. Your primer is the base you use before you apply foundation to smooth out your pores, reduce redness or color correct depending on what type of primer you use. The ‘NYX Angel Veil’ primer will smooth out your skin, reduce the oil and give you a flawless application. To set my makeup I use the ‘Etos make-up Fixing Spray’. This is one of those products that just surprised me. I tried it out and ended up really liking it. Who knew?

Etos make-up Fixing Spray

These products and brands are not only wallet-friendly, but they are also cruelty-free, meaning that they do not test on animals. The only brand in this blog that isn’t cruelty-free is Maybelline (I’m gonna need them to get with the program). Some of the above mentioned brands and products are even vegan. Sacha Cosmetics, NYX, Makeup Revolution and Milani are completely vegan and cruelty-free. Do you also use some of these products or did I forget to mention one? Let me know what your favorite low budget makeup products are.

Editor: Joshua Sakoetoe

Photo's: Cici Isenia