Keukenhof Photo Blog

A few weeks ago Sharif and I took the gang to a place known as the Garden of Europe. Keukenhof, located in Lisse, a town in the province of South of Holland in the Netherlands, is not only Europe's largest flower garden, but one of the largest in the world. The garden is open once a year for a period of approximately two months. They showcase an array of beautiful flowers, including the flowers the Dutch are most renowned for, tulips. Besides flowers in all the colours of the rainbow, you can also find a petting zoo for the little kiddos (or the adults who are young at heart), plenty of food options, fountains and every tourist's absolute favourite, Dutch windmills. Those who follow me on my social media pages may have already seen a few of the pictures as well as my vlog of the trip (follow me on insta for updates and posts). We took so many beautiful pictures and chances are I probably won't even be able to share them all on Instagram. For that reason, I decided to share a photoblog with you today with an edit of my favourite pictures we took in Keukenhof. So here it goes, enjoy!


Flowers & Scenery


Flower Exhibition







Couple Shots


These are simply some of our favourite photo's we took in Keukenhof. We hope you enjoyed this photo blog. If you haven't yet, check out our vlog as well. Which set of pictures were your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!