Day-trip to Luxembourg - Photo Impression

In the first week of February, Sharif, Jehan and I decided it was time for us to go on a trip again. Sharif and I were contemplating a trip to Luxembourg for a while now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make it happen. We did some research, looked some places up and on the 9th of February we took the 4 hour drive to Luxembourg. In this blog, I want to share this trip with you and give you a photo impression of our day trip to Luxembourg! 

Vianden Castle


The first place we visited was tucked away in the north of Luxembourg. We visited the Vianden Castle in the small town of Vianden which is near the border between Luxembourg and Germany. The medieval castle also happens to be a very popular spot amongst the dutch, seeing as a lot of dutch people tend to visit during the summer months. To our surprise it had snowed the night before, so our drive through the hills was absolutely spectacular. The castle sits high on a rocky promontory which allows for a beautiful view of the town and the surrounding hills. It was like something out of a movie and quite different from the flat terrain we are used to in the Netherlands. (Not to take away from it, “Kikkerland” also has its charm.)

We spent most of our day exploring the Vianden castle which left us little time to walk through the town itself. We did drive through the town while heading to the center of Luxembourg and it would definitely have been worth the visit. Just imagine the most picturesque village nestled away in the snowy hills of Luxembourg. After a 30 minute drive we arrived in the city. We immediately started exploring and headed out to some of the more popular sites. The country is known for its beautiful nature, hiking and biking routes, but because we were only there for a few hours we decided it would be best to spend our time in the city center. It was a VERY cold day. So, every so often we popped inside for some warmth and a snack.  

Despite the cold weather and the snow, we still managed to enjoy ourselves. I hope this blog has been helpful or inspiring to you. Will you be heading to luxembourg any time soon? Let me know in the comments below! Don't forget to check our our Luxembourg vlog

Photo's: Sharif Jacobino and Jehan Da Camara Editor: Joshua Sakoetoe