5 Valentine's Date Ideas That Won't Break The Bank

February is finally here! It may be colder outside, but the thought of Valentine’s day warms our hearts. To some Valentine’s day is only a commercial scheme to get us to spend more of our well earned coins, and though I agree to a certain extent, I also believe that there is something beautiful in having a day that is dedicated to love. Love is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated daily, but on a day like Valentine’s day we can decide to pull all the stops. For those of us who don’t have too much money to spend ( fellow students, I got your backs!), but still want to make this day as romantic and special as possible, I got the tee on how to plan a great Valentine’s day without breaking the bank.

Romantic Dinner

Have a romantic picnic

I absolutely love a good picnic, they instantly give me chick flick flashbacks. Some of you might be thinking: “Gurl! It’s -2 degrees outside. I ain’t tryna die.” I know what you’re thinking, but bare with me a little. Ideally we would all want a romantic picnic in the park or on the beach, but some of us live in places where it’s impossible to do so without freezing to death. To you I say, why not an indoor picnic! Picture a cute checkered blanket on the floor with a basket filled with yummy stuff, champagne-filled glasses and candles all around. If that doesn’t scream out ‘ADORBS’, then I don’t know what will. Try recreating starry skies by hanging some christmas lights from the ceiling.

Homemade dinner

A lot of people choose to eat out at some fancy restaurant on Valentine’s day. I will admit that I also enjoy dinner at a beautiful restaurant, but a man that will cook me a good meal, now that’s going to grab my attention. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, consider bringing the fancy restaurant to your home. There are plenty of youtube tutorials and pinterest recipes that could help you in the cooking department. Add a vase of flowers, candles and set your table and you have yourself the ultimate home cooked romantic dinner.

Scavenger Hunt If your date is an active person, and you don’t mind walking around in the cold for a while, then try a love scavenger hunt. Make a few assignments, with each assignment being something you love about the other person. Attach a flower to each assignment card, and at the end your date gets to put all the flowers together into a bouquet. Experience something new together Think out of the box and do something new together. If art and history is your thing, then visit a museum. Go ice skating together or rollerblading. Since I fail epicly at both of these I would go for glow in the dark miniature golfing. There are plenty of cute activities that you could choose to do.

Visit a new city For us in the Netherlands it is quite easy to get into the train and head to a different city. What is a city you and your date haven’t been to yet? How about exploring a new place and making new memories together. This is also a great way to get to know your date better and have interesting conversations. One of the deepest conversations Sharif and I had while dating was actually on a train ride to Lelystad. So take your date to a quaint new city, explore and learn more about each other.

These are just some ideas to help you on your way. Valentine’s day doesn’t have to break the bank to be romantic. Make your date personal and turn it into something you and your valentine can appreciate. Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun and celebrate love!

Editor: Joshua Sakoetoe

Photography: Sharif Jacobino