What To Do When In Malaga

It’s time we talk about my Malaga trip with the Shoko squad. Those of you who have been faithfully reading my blogs (I see you) know that shoko is the name for our group of friends. Shoko means owl in papiamento and we chose this name because most of us stay up during the night (we have messed up sleeping schedules). Shairah (my sister-in-law) wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday by going on a trip with the whole gang. She chose to celebrate her birthday in Malaga.

Malaga is on the southern coast of Spain, this coast is called ‘Costa del Sol’ which translates to sunshine coast. In Malaga you can enjoy sunshine year round and seeing as the weather here in the Netherlands was only getting colder, we were looking to escape to a slightly warmer (and sunnier) climate. I would like to share some of what we did in Malaga with you and introduce you to Shoko (Lindo and Josh couldn't make it tho) , so be on the lookout for their names under the photographs.

Visit the Cathedral The Malaga Cathedral is huge and impeccable, an architectural work of art. Visiting the Malaga Cathedral should definitely be a MUST on your list. We walked circles around it and sat in front of it for quite a while, because it’s such a beauty to behold. I didn’t want to pay to go inside (I probably should have) and time was too short, but I definitely recommend it, the small glimpse I got of the inside was quite promising.

Have lunch in the park There are plenty of nice parks in Malaga where you can sit down and have lunch. Our park of choice was the ‘Parque de Malaga’. The park was filled with tropical plants and tall palm trees. It was the perfect place to relax, have some lunch and hide from the heat of the sun (it was so hot for a day in November)

Grab ice cream and stroll along the harbour

The Port of Malaga has a lovely walkway and some nice stores and cafes /restaurants so you can grab a bite and shop while still enjoying the view. You can’t go wrong with that.

Alcazaba and the Roman amphitheater

I’m a sucker for anything historic, so I was super excited to visit the Alcazaba and see the Roman amphitheater. What history geek wouldn’t want to spend hours walking through a Moorish medieval fortress? What makes it even cooler is all the different gardens and cute corners you discover while walking through the fortress.

Climbing up to the Gibralfaro

Beware! This one involves physical activity. As if walking around for hours on end wasn't enough we decided to climb to the Gibralfaro. The Gibralfaro is moorish castle/fortress on top of mount Gibralfaro. There was a lot of complaining on the way up the steep hill but it was all worth it in the end. Upon arriving all the way up you get the most incredible view of the city. Take your time up there, it’s absolutely beautiful!

Admire Picasso’s artwork at the ‘Museo Picasso Malaga’

As I child I took many art classes and I even had a presentation on one of the founders of the Cubist movement, Picasso. So, when I found out we were going to Malaga, I immediately knew I wanted to go to the Picasso Museum to see his artwork up close and personal.

Missed Opportunities

I want to go back a second time eventually to do a whole Andalusia road trip. There’s a lot we didn’t get to do this time around, like going wine tasting, swimming at the Malagueta (it was warm, but not for swimming), visiting the plaza de toros (we went but they were closed), the Carmen Thyssen Museum, Centre Pompidou and the Botanical gardens. I guess those will have to wait till the next trip!

I hope you had a fun time reading about our experience in Malaga. Make sure you also check out the vlog and see you again next time!