Honeymoon Favorites: Croatia

So much has happened in the past two years and I’m so excited to share all of it with you. Between the engagement, our wedding planning and recent trips there’s a lot to cover which means it’ll probably be a few blogs before we are all caught up.

In a few weeks Sharif and I will be married for six months and I want to include all of you in our ‘anniversary’ by doing a wedding blog series. Our first trip together as a married couple was our honeymoon and for my first travel blog I want to share our favorite honeymoon activities with you. So let’s get this ball rolling! Keep reading to learn about our favorite experiences in Umag, Croatia!

Boat Excursion

The boat excursion was possibly our favorite activity out of the bunch. We arranged a boat excursion at one of the Istraturist locations that took us to the towns of Rovinj and Porec as well as taking us through the Lim bay. While sailing through the Lim Bay we had fresh fish for lunch, one of the many benefits of being out on sea and visiting coastal areas. Although the boat excursion was wonderful, I must say that it was too crowded for my liking. Rovinj was our favorite old town to visit during the excursion, sadly enough we did not get to spend a lot of time there, as it took some time to get to the various towns by boat. That being said it was a beautiful (but extremely hot) day.

Biking Trails

Sharif and I don’t tend to do a lot of physical activities during trips (except for endless walking tours), but lately we have been trying incorporate these into our itinerary. Our hotel in Umag wasn’t in walking distance to the center and we didn’t want to rent a car nor did we want to stay inside, so we opted to rent bikes. What makes biking so great is that it allows you experience and see things from a completely different perspective. We biked along a few vineyards, to the old town, around the harbour and along several biking trails. We were completely exhausted afterwards, but it was definitely worth it. (Pro tip: rent electric bikes, they’re such a blast!)

Wine Tasting

They say life’s too short to have bad wine, and I agree! As we were biking along the trail we came across the CUJ winery/vineyards. At first we were impressed by the miles of olive trees and vines, so we stopped for a photo. Once we were there we thought wine not have a tasting (get it?). We came across a welcoming gentleman, Branko, who was very excited to see us as they were not expecting visitors. He prepared a wine and olive oil tasting for us. The olive oil tasting was very new to us, but we did enjoy ourselves. The wine was incredible! We ended up biking back to the hotel with three bottles of wine and one bottle of olive oil. Their products are only sold in Umag and a few other nearby towns, so unfortunately I won't be able to order more (an excuse to go back, maybe?).


We stayed at the Melia Coral Resort, a four star hotel in Umag. The hotel had a lovely pool and there was a beach nearby. People from the Caribbean, like us, are used to our white sandy beaches, so my fellow island people might be a little disappointed. Despite of this, I was intrigued by their pebble beaches and considering the weather was extremely hot, it was quite refreshing to jump in the pool or head on to the beach. For those unfamiliar with pebble beaches, like myself, make sure you take some swimming shoes. They may not be the most fashionable choice of footwear, but you will feel more secure stepping into the water if you wear them (thank me later). When we didn’t feel like stepping on pebbles at the beach, we could swim in the pool which was actually filled with salt water. You could spend the whole day by the pool and still feel as though you had been to the beach.


Having booked a resort that had most things included meant we spent some days just relaxing at the hotel. They had a lot of fun events and activities such as jazz nights, cocktail nights by the beach bar and dessert nights by the pool. So even when we stayed in, it was never a dull moment!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite Honeymoon activities in Croatia. We had a blast and I definitely enjoyed sharing some of our memories with you all. If you want to see more check out our Honeymoon Vlog. Till the next one!

Editor: Joshua Sakoetoe and Sharif Jacobino

Photography & Videography: Sharif & Cici Jacobino