Guess Who's Back!

For a while I have felt like there isn't much to do (there is plenty for me to do, like finishing my thesis, but that's a whole different story), I had not been performing as much as I wanted to and felt a bit stuck creatively, a feeling I'm sure a lot of you can relate to. But then a few weeks ago someone in church asked what happened to my old blog, The good life. For those that don't know, I used to be an avid blogger. My blogs were mostly about things going on in my life, like dating, traveling and living in the Netherlands. I really enjoyed blogging so the question Zippy asked me stayed with me. After some thought I decided to start blogging again.

(Hooray! *throws confetti*)

This time around I want to do things differently, so I gathered a group of friends and family to form a team with whom I can create content that is beneficial to my readers. A creative outlet where I can share my thoughts, adventures and ideas while inspiring and maybe even motivating others. Most importantly, I want my content to be put out consistently and thematically while maintaining the feeling of spontaneity. So much has happened in the two years since I last blogged. I went from dating to being married, I am (supposed to be) finalizing my studies as a music educator, I’m teaching, and learning so much in the process as I continue to grow. It is my wish to share all of these developments (and more) with my amazing readers.

Join me as I embark on this wonderful journey, 'The Chronicles of Cici', spontaneous ramblings of a creative soul.

Editor: Joshua Sakoetoe Photographer: Sharif Jacobino