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Day-trip to Luxembourg - Photo Impression

In the first week of February, Sharif, Jehan and I decided it was time for us to go on a trip again. Sharif and I were contemplating a trip to Luxembourg for a while now and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make it happen. We did some research, looked some places up and on the 9th of February we took the 4 hour drive to Luxembourg. In this blog, I want to share this trip with you and give you a photo impression of our day trip to Luxembourg! The first place we visited was tucked away in the north of Luxembourg. We visited the Vianden Castle in the small town of Vianden which is near the border between Luxembourg and Germany. The medieval castle also happens to be a very popular sp

Speaking the right love language (part 2)

In part one of the ‘love languages’ blog I shared some of the misconceptions people enter their relationship with, the assumption that their “in-love” euphoria will last forever and that it can sustain a healthy relationship. I, on the other hand, presented the idea that people receive and communicate their love differently and identifying this love language will help you to build your relationship intentionally. I shared 3 out of the 5 love languages mentioned in “The 5 love languages” by Gary Chapman. Some people feel the most loved when they are encouraged and are verbally affirmed, for some nothing is more important than spending time together while others see a gift as a symbol of love.

Speaking the right love language (Part 1)

We have all fallen in love before. We are completely obsessed with that person and are convinced that this is the ‘real thing’. That person is the last person we think of when we go to bed and the first person we think of when we wake up. The feeling of ‘falling in love’ is euphoric, making us believe that these feelings and this moment will last forever. When we see other relationships failing we ask ourselves: “Wasn’t it real? Where they really in love to begin with?”. The truth is that the experience we call ‘falling in love’ is a temporary high and that real love, a love that is not an emotional obsession, but one that unites reason and emotion, takes a lot of hard work. We all have the



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