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9 Creative Ways to Love and Encourage Each Other

Welcome back to my blog! Valentine’s day is around the corner, so I decided to do something in the theme of love. Since love is something I LOVE talking about (see what I did there?), I figured I would do a whole month dedicated to Love and Relationships. I am in no way a professional or an expert on this topic, so most of what I will be sharing with you is simply what works for us (being sharif and I). A few months ago I stumbled upon this book called ‘31 Creative Ways To Love & Encourage Him/Her’ written by Alyssa and Jefferson Bethke. This book gives you tips and ways to encourage your significant other and helps you intentionally build and strengthen your relationship over a timespan of

What To Do When In Malaga

It’s time we talk about my Malaga trip with the Shoko squad. Those of you who have been faithfully reading my blogs (I see you) know that shoko is the name for our group of friends. Shoko means owl in papiamento and we chose this name because most of us stay up during the night (we have messed up sleeping schedules). Shairah (my sister-in-law) wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday by going on a trip with the whole gang. She chose to celebrate her birthday in Malaga. Malaga is on the southern coast of Spain, this coast is called ‘Costa del Sol’ which translates to sunshine coast. In Malaga you can enjoy sunshine year round and seeing as the weather here in the Netherlands was only getting col

Skincare: Coffee Scrub Soap

I’ve been trying to take better care of my skin and overall health since this year started. For a long time I’ve neglected proper skincare, but this year I decided to put an end to that. Since I have sensitive skin, some products tend to irritate the skin and cause a burning sensation. This has caused me to be on the lookout for products that are milder on my skin and are made with natural ingredients. I didn’t have to search too long before I stumbled upon this coffee scrub soap by Shirley. Shirley is the owner of FitQueens, a gym in The Hague, Netherlands. FitQueens isn’t only a gym, it is also a community of women who are devoted to pursuing a healthier lifestyle and body positivity. Fol

A Guide to Making New Year's Resolutions

In last week's blog post I shared my proudest moments of 2017. There were a lot of positive and noteworthy events the past year, but there were also tough times. In many ways, the struggles and difficulties we faced in 2017 will set the tone for the decisions and resolutions we will now make in 2018. So, for this blog post, I wanted to share some of the things I struggled with, what I learned from them and what I will be doing differently this year. Set realistic goals Last year was going to be my year! When the clock struck twelve, I was excited and enthusiastic about the year before me. I had sat down a few weeks before and wrote down all the things I was going to achieve and pursue. I was



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