January 22, 2020

I remember growing up on the islands as an artistic child. Everyone else aspired to be a lawyer, accountant or a doctor and I was just a little artistic kid singing, dancing and painting. But then you grow older and the pressures of the world start to get to you. All o...

It’s been a while, but your girl is back with another blog. A few weeks ago, Sharif and I decided to plan a last minute trip back home. When I went to book the tickets and saw the ticket prices, I was flabbergasted by the absurdity of the prices. In order to still make...

We have all felt this feeling before, the feeling of somehow being inadequate, feeling as though you are left behind. I have felt this way before too, I do quite often actually. I look around sometimes and I see everyone being great, excelling and reaching their goals...

February 15, 2019

Do you remember what valentine’s day used to be like when you were younger? I remember it as if it was yesterday. In highschool they would sell flowers, cards and teddy bears in the weeks before and would have it sent to your crush’s classroom on valentine’s day. It wa...

January 25, 2019

Hunkemöller organizes factory sales a few times per year in various cities across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, where you can buy swimwear,, activewear and underwear for bottom prices. So if you are looking for not just a good deal, but a great deal then this i...

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