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Cici comes from a musical family and was raised on the island of Curaçao. She has been singing and performing since she was five years old. Cici gained much experience in the gospel music-scene and has participated in various national competitions. In secondary school, music and singing became increasingly important to her and she even organised school concerts. After mostly singing latin and pop music, she started to experiment more with jazz and improvisation. Cici then decided to move to the Netherlands in 2012, after secondary school, to follow her passion and to study Music Education at the conservatory in Rotterdam, also known as Codarts. 


In addition to giving music and singing lessons, Cici is also often involved in live performances and studio recordings. Currently, Cici is part of the vocal trio Charming Three and she is also part of the gospel band Rejoice. Despite her many years in the gospel scene and world music scene, Cici is also experienced in pop, theater and jazz. In addition to immersing herself in different genres, Cici speaks four languages (Dutch, Spanish, English and Papiamentu) and tries to broaden her horizon as much as possible. Versatility might as well be her middle name.