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Konosé mi

Hi! My name is Jeandrelyse Jacobino-Isenia, but all of my friends call me Cici and since you're here you can call me Cici too. I was born on the beautiful island of Curacao, surrounded by stunning turquoise waters, right off the coast of Venezuela. Growing up on such a multicultural island exposed me to different languages, but also a variety of musical genres and a deep love and passion for the arts. This has had an influence on the type of music I make and the languages I speak and sing.

I grew up in a musical household. Although my mother could not sing for the life of her, she had a keen ear for good music. My father, on the other hand, studied jazz at Codarts in the 70's and his father, before him, also pursued an education and career in music.  My grandfather was my idol growing up. I admired the way he could play different instruments and his passion for music-theory, education and songwriting. I still have vivid memories of him sitting on his bed and singing me some of the songs he wrote. When he passed away, I was determined to make him proud. 

At first I was quite hesitant to start a career in music, but I was thought by my parents to pursue my passion. That's how I ended up moving to Rotterdam in 2012 to study Music Education at Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatory). I wasn't sure I would love teaching, but as it turned out I fell in love with all the intricacies of the voice. I wanted to teach others how to feel confident in their voice, their sound and their abilities. I wanted to teach them that there wasn't necessarily a right way to sing, just a healthier and technical way to use their voice. 

Besides vocal coaching, I also found joy in teaching music to primary school students. I teach them music in a playful way, so that they can experience the joys that music brings for themselves. Nothing beats seeing a student grin from ear to ear because they were finally able to play a melody on an instrument. 

Although teaching is a big passion of mine, I also consider myself to be an artist. That is why I still perform. Performing is more than just entertaining to me, it's telling a story through lyrics and melody. Singing gives me the room to express myself through song and allows me to connect with the audience, with their fears, their hopes and dreams. My favourite part is having an audience member share with me at the end of a performance how the song or performance touched them in a deep and meaningful way. Sharing music with one another makes us feel heard, seen and connected. 

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